Here is your guide to ASA RunFest Teams. 

Email us with any questions.

The easiest way to Create your Team is to do so while you register for the race.

1. While you register for the race you will be given the opportunity to create your team.

1. Select “I want to set up or join a CrowdRise fundraiser.”

2. Then follow the prompts to create your team name and set your team’s fundraising goal.

3. Be sure upon completion of your race registration to click the SETUP Fundraiser button to create a CrowdRise username and password.

**** If the page stalls, simply hit the refresh button and you will be redirected to your page.

2. You can then easily continue right to your CrowdRise fundraising team page and add photos to personalize your page. 

3. Now you can share your page with friends via Facebook, Twitter or copy and paste your URL into an email.  They can donate to your team or join your team by using the Fundraise for this Campaign button.  Then you can all fundraise and/or race as part of the same team.  Simply follow the CrowdRise prompts to share your page with family and friends. 

Creating or Joining a Team AFTER you already registered for the Race

1. Click on the ASA RunFest Crowdrise Picture on the race homepage and choose your selection – Join a Team or Start a Fundraiser.

2. To Join A Team select that option and follow the prompts to pick the team you want to join….YOU MUST ALREADY BE REGISTERED FOR THE RACE TO DO THIS OPTION – THIS DOES NOT REGISTER YOU.

3. To Start your Own Team choose the Start a New Team option.  Enter your email and choose a password.  Then follow the steps above to select team name & personalize your page to share with friends and family.

The easiest way to Join a Team is to do so while registering for the race

1. You will be given an option to do so during the registration process by selecting: “I want to start or join a CrowdRise fundraiser.”

2. Pick the team you want to join from the drop down list.

3. Upon completion of your registration for the race, be sure to hit the Finish Fundraiser Set Up to create your CrowdRise username and password.

4. Share your team with friends and family!